Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Belat River : A paradise for GP hunters

Date: 12 Aug 2007
Location: Belat River. Kuantan
Objective: Giant Prawn
Line up: Jojie

With GP season is nearly come to an end, our team decided to concentrate more on GP than anything else. Madie made an arrangement with the boat owner to charter 2 boats . With RM10 per day, with no engine, the price can be considered cheap.

Using a boat to hunt GP is far more successful than fishing from the river bank. The reason is simple, to access any potential place that couldn’t be reach by land. Most of the GPs, love to seek for shelter around Nipah’s tree , close to the river bank ( but deep, around 2-3 m) . The GPs normally stay in group or pack. If you can land one, there are plenty more underneath you.

GP is a scavenger. It likes to eat anything that is stink and emits strong scent. Thus, using anything that is stink for baits is okay. Normally , GP hunters will use earth worms, fish meat(fillet), hotdog, guppy fish, squid , shrimp, or whatever you could think off. An adult GP, when it takes the bait, normally, it happens very slow and hard to notice. You have to constantly check your rod by retrieving the line a bit. The juvenile GP is another way around. They tend to take the bait aggressively .

Jojie with his 1st catch of the day

Sarul and madie

We reached the spot at 9.30 am. Madie and Sarul in one boat, and I was with Didie and Jojie. We decided not to go very far from the Jetty as rowing was a gruesome task.
Belat river is rich with GPs. After 2 hours, we landed few kilos of GPs.

At 2pm, it rained. It so heavy that we had to seek for a shelter under some nipah’s tree. It rained so hard that within few minutes, the boat almost sank . In the middle of the chaos, my rod, which was jutting out from the boat, shook violently , I quickly retrieved the line, and it was the biggest GP of the day . The rain stopped an hour later.

I went home at 3pm that evening as Didie had to catch a bus. Sarul and Madie kept fishing until 5pm.

I'm wet and cold, but happy as well.

Didie with his first Giant Prawn in his life

The Boat keeper can be reached at

016 951 6123

GP fried in hot sunflower seeds oil with tumeric

Are you hungry?

Junior loves it....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Penor Bridge Part 2

date: 4th Aug 2007

line up: Jojie

Because of last week succesful trip, we decided to repeat the place one more time. This time we brought various type of baits.

1. Selayang(Decapterus russelli) meat (fillet)
2. Sepat( Trichogaster trichopterus) - live baits
3. udang - shrimps - live baits
4. sotong- squid meat

There was no snapper or barra around. But we managed to land few juvenil grouper (300g-400g). kekek (Secutor insidiator), ketuka (Himantura walga) and few others common eatuary species.

my first fish using rapala + daiwa

madie with ketuka

i went under the bridge, but still landed the same spicies.

this is where seli managed to land 3 juvenil groupers.

hello..... my name is PUFFER

D I Y: Rod stand

I really need a rod stand .

This rod stand is sell at RM175 at TCE tackle

I surveyed the item around Kuantan, and it will cost me around RM180- RM250. well , with that amount, i rather spend it on NASCI 3000.

So i decided to make my own rod stand.

1st step

2nd step

3rd step

4th step

5th step

6th step

Final check on the Frame's symetrical.


1. 1 1/2 inc screws RM2.00

2. 20 pcs pvc pipe clips RM4.00

3. 1 can of black paint RM10.00

4. 1 cheppo paint brush RM1.50

5. Planks .... Free!!!as i got it from my office's store

Total Cost RM 17.50

Rapala SX4i + Daiwa Crossfire

3rd August 2007

I needed a new reel . So i went to Angler's World at Telok Sisek road to make a purchase. With my tight budget, i could only spent RM250 only. My brain was set to Shimano Nasci 3000. After spending almost an hour, i made my choice, Rapala sx4i at RM118 and Daiwa crossfire at RM55. so I could spend what was left on better braided line. Am i regreting the purchased? No i'm not. It kindda smart moved made by me as i spent less but got something bigger than i should. There is a question here..... the quality. i'm not saying Rapala is not good, but let see in few months time. i hope the reel will stay good.
Unexpectedly, i bought the rod as well. It was on sale, and they ,yet, gave me a little bit price cut if i buy the reel plus the rod.
With less than RM200, i have added another fishing set into my collection.

RAP SX4i family of reels offers a full aluminum body and complete range of features at a very affordable price. Add up the advanced features and precision construction of these metal-bodied beauties and you'll see what a true value they are for the dedicated angler. SX4i drags offer super smooth performance for light line and high-end drag pressure. The Instant Hook Set Anti-Reverse is the strongest, smoothest anti-reverse available.

this picture was taken from daiwa's website

crossfire® Features:

* Resilient, composite blank
* Strong, blank-through-handle construction
* Cut-proof aluminum oxide guides
* Comfort-contoured reel seat
* Natural cork handles with protective composite cork butt cap and foam foregrip