Monday, December 17, 2007

Ketereh watergate- Kota bahru

Date: almost everyday
Line up: Farmi and me

It is just 10km from my inlaws' house. Easy to access and rich with freshwater species like patin, tengalan, lampam and toman.

The bad thing about this place is, the locals are the netters. They set the net every 3 feet. So u had to be smart to fish here.

this river is totally not affected by the monsoon.

I didn't bring my Lures... sebarau is boilling everywhere.

lampam ( Barbonymus gonionotus) are plenty. a 400g specimen is common.

its 3-1 now..

The race to landed as many Red Belly Pacu as we can is still continued

with me approaching slowly from behind, farmi need to do something

the score now is 3 (farmi) 1 (me)

A small specimen, but "samseng".

A 3kg++ Patin.

Tanjung Dat - Tumpat Kelantan

Date: december2007
line up: Farmi and me

with monsoon seasons on the full blast, there is no way i can fish at any spot that affected by the sea tide.

just enjoy the pix,

This kiambang (familia Salviniaceae) came like a train. once your line get caught in it, u could only spell D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R

The bait...

My First tengalan (Puntius Bulu). it fought like a sebarau.

The catch

spot this old couple on my way home.... romantic!