Monday, May 12, 2008

Tengku Anis Info gallery-Kelantan

Date :11 march 08
Location : Tengku Anis Info gallery-Kelantan
Objectives : silverBarra
Line up :

The monsoon seasons seemed not going to slow down at all. eventhough, less rain, but the water quality of the affected places were at their worst. Despite the condition, I wrestled with farmi about my opinion we should check out Tengku Anis Info gallery, 30km from Kota bahru.

He finally agreed with me and off we went to the well-known casting spot.

It is a beatiful place , at the border between malaysia and thailand. It is separated by the GOLOK RIVER. From the fishing magazine i read before, this spot is rich with silverbarra and mangrove jack. Even there is a photo evidence of a lucky caster with his 10kg barracuda caught with a popper.

But as , we soon realized, there was nothing we could do as the water quality not on our side. There were dozens of people went home empty handed that day. I promised myself to come back at this promising spot this coming MAY .

more info:

A decent place for you to fish. You can bring your kids
as there is a playground nearby.

Open sea in the distance. The man in yellow is
Cikgu Zul (featured in local fishing mag before)

Not a single bite

Thailand on the other side. The weird thing was,
there was no one fishing.

Thailand. You dont have to fight for perfect spot.
Nobody is Fishing. May be Fishing is not in
their blood.