Thursday, March 12, 2009

GP in Pekan :gay picture inside!

Kemboja- or Cambodian in English is a people who lives in Cambodia. It is situated somewhere North of the South East Asia regions. I never been there, but I know, it is not a very safe place to live as many of Cambodians fled their country during the war time and never coming back. Kemboja is a term Malaysians use to describe the refugees from Cambodia who live in Malaysia. Kemboja is an immigrant.

All over the world, I can think off 3 types of people. The Natives, The pioneers and The immigrants. From the list above, The pioneers are actually as same as the immigrant. But, it was happen long long time ago before any man could even learn to shave his armpits. Eventually, the pioneers murdered the natives and took away their lands and farm stocks and even the wives. It happen in America and Australia and Palestine and everywhere else .Then, these pioneers denied every right of the natives and set their own country and flag and anthem. So when they declared the land is theirs, other people who came to country after it would be called as immigrants.

Barrack Obama is the cockiest one, as, he now claims the presidential seat. Micheal Jackson is an immigrant from Mars, while Paris Hilton came from a place call ‘stinky brothel’ where the people worship Satans for wealth.

In Malaysia, The Malays are the pioneer. Then comes the Chinese and Indians as immigrants. As Malaysia is among the wealthiest country apart from Brunei and Singapore ( which is onced under Malaysia) , people as far as Ukraine come to set a new life ( most of them become a prostitute in Petaling Street). First there is Indonesian, then, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Thais , Nepalese and Cambodians.

Just like Barrack Obama, after a while, they started to claim this is their land. They built a permanent house and farm and then breed 7 children for each couple and never pay taxes.

They blend in perfectly quick that their size shrunk to our size and their faces started to look like us. The only different is, again, just like Obama, is the language they use. Even though they speak our language, but the dialect sound funny and strange.

It’s a curse if any Malaysian left home without any personal identification as the government set a series of raids from time to time. I have read in the news paper where a local Sabahan was sent to Philipine as he did not have any identification on him at the moment of arresting.

Pekan means small town in English. It is 40km from Kuantan. It is a Royal town of Pahang. The Sultan, even though have a bigger palace in Kuantan, he found Pekan is more suitable and joyful to live in. It is also a birth place of our Deputy Prime Minister Dato Najib ( who is dreaming to be the Prime minister one day).

For a political reason, many of the Kemboja leading a wealthy live here in Pekan. They possessed a big handsome house, a farm and everything to do with agriculture. You can see clearly, their houses are decorated with Political Flag and logo of the ruling government.

The only good thing about the Kemboja for me is, they have the Fish Cage along The Pahang River. With that, under the cages, the Giant Prawns live to steal food and seeking shelter from the predators. The Kembojas are kind enough to let us fishing on the cage . How ironic..... isn't it?

So off we went to Pekan. Enjoy the pictures.

The wooden structures we stand on are the fish cages. Patins and Baungs are the common species .

The mighty Pahang river. The longest and the widest river in peninsular Malaysia. We were few kilometres from the sea.

Yeah.... they are gays !!! Sweet eh?

This is yummy!!! Bigger and fatter than the one caught in Sg Belat.

There is nothing wrong with the boat. But if u look closely, the engine is similar with the one used in Thailand , Vietnam and Cambodia. The engine, which is a modified one from a unit used as a water pump, lawnmower and everything else. Here, we called it "enjin sangkut" or "enjin galah"

This picture, conforming that they are really a gay couple.

Pesara selamat selepas 3 hari jatuh dalam sungai

KUANTAN 12 Mac ¡ª Seorang pesara yang dipercayai terjatuh ke dalam Sungai Belat, berdekatan kawasan perumahan Taman Inderapura, dekat sini ketika memancing Selasa lepas ditemui selamat hari ini.

Ketua Operasi Bomba dan Penyelamat Kuantan, Penolong Penguasa Bomba, Hamdani Madon berkata, mangsa, Razali Jaafar, 58, dikatakan memancing ikan di sungai tersebut dan dipercayai terjatuh ke dalam sungai pada hari itu.

¡°Keluarga mangsa yang menetap di Gudang Rasau dekat sini membuat laporan polis semalam apabila mangsa tidak pulang ke rumah selepas pergi memancing sendirian Selasa lepas,¡± katanya kepada Bernama di sini.

Operasi mencari bermula sejak 8 pagi tadi dan berakhir pada 11.35 pagi apabila mangsa ditemui tertiarap di pinggir paya bakau kira-kira 500 meter dari kawasan hilir sungai, katanya.

Mangsa ditemui dalam keadaan lemah dan tidak bermaya sebelum dibawa ke Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA) Kuantan untuk menjalani rawatan lanjut.

Operasi mencari dan menyelamat disertai dua buah bot polis, sebuah bot bomba, sebuah bot Jabatan Pertahanan Awam dan tiga bot nelayan.