Monday, September 24, 2007

Me and Jacks- it's my YAHOO day.

Date: 23rd Aug 07
Location: Seberang Balok, Kuantan

I took a whole week off from work. With everyone at works, I had to fish alone.

It is a small river and not very famous among us. It is my new fishing ground. It is 35 km from my house, and no fighting over fishing spot. The place is wide and have plenty of good spots. The spot I chose is about 2 km from the sea. So, MJ, Barra, bolos, Kitang and others estuary species were expected.

The first spot. I landed few kitangs and Bolos...

at 3 pm, i was at the second spots and suddenly, wham, wham , wham.....

The first MJ

The 2nd MJ and then, one after another ...

the total MJ of the day... 8 MJs...

Kuantan Port - the break water

date :19 Aug o7
line up: Jojie and me

it's Sunday again. And i wasn't feeling very well. I had no intention to go fishing today.
surprisingly, Joejie came knocking my door at 9am , with baits, fishing equipments, snack and drinks, today's newspaper and a car with a tankfull of gas. It was and invitation i cant resist.

45 mins later, we were fishing at Kuantan port- the famous breakwater.
It was my first trip here.

4 hours, and nothing . It was a blazing hot day, the tide was low and no fish. We packed and headed home. it was a shortest trip ever made by me.

Surcasting is more suitable here.
There are rocks everywhere. You might lost your sinkers more than a year of fishing.
Fast retrieve is a technique to apply here.

patiently waiting.

An eight footer rod is useless...

What the heck is this? well this was the only thing we got that day...