Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fishing Bloopers

This is funny.

enjoy the clip......... ha ha ha

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kenyir's Titanic

I saw many people doing boating activities, not wearing any life-jacket.

I'm doing the same thing too. whenever, i went to sg belat, the life jacket becomes my butt's padding.

It is plain stupid.

It is different here in Kenyir. The visitors and the boatmen normally put on their life jackets. It is automatic.
May be, because of the hidden danger of the submerge logs and the volume of the waters, it creates fear and force people to put on their life jacket.

The boathouse, once it parked and anchored, it wont sail away unless for the reasons of safety or heading home. That is why, each boathouse is equipped with at least 2 speedboats.

It's then up to you to explore the place and searching for promising spot. The boatmen really dont care about how you operate the speedboat as well as how good you are navigating without getting lost. They really don't care if you fill the boat with 12 people while it should be 3. And i dont know why. May be they want the costumers to think and act like adults and take care of their own safety.

But few don't!!!!!

and this is what happen when you failed to think straight.

We were preparing to head home when it's happen.

It happen because of overloaded. 4 adults took a boat ride. 1 of them is super over weigh sitting at the bow of the boat. Very bad decision. I'm not blaming the man for being fat. But you should know better. The boat can float, but once you open the throttle, the drag will pull the bow down. If the bow is under weigh, water will start pouring in and that what was happen .
Lucky for them, they put the life jacket on. They lost all the rods and reels, tackle boxes, baits and a couple of digital cams .
( this is the reason i don't bring mine when i went out boating)
They also lost they machoness. I really felt sorry for them.
In the panic, they tried to salvage the boat. If i were them, I will swim to shore for safety first. May be they tried to be responsible.
Amy Darling said: " This happen becos the Dato ( evil spirit) angry at them. They were karaokeing all the time.Now the Dato is angry and punished them"

The boatman came to help

He towed the sinking boat to the shore. All we can do was, watch and making comments.

The sinking boat lost its engine. RM2-3k went down deep in the lake.

The overweigh man at the stern. He was the last person who climbed back up the boathouse. I felt sorry the most for him. Well dude, cheer up, shit does happen. I hope the rest of the pack wont blame him for the incident. Everybody on that boat not thinking straight and wisely.
You should click this picture to enlarge it because you can see there is a bamboo raft between the boat and the boathouse. When i was exploring various spots on the previous day, I saw that raft 7-8 km away from our camp. It was tied to a small island with a wooden hut on it. It seem, nobody was on that island. Later that evening, the dudes on Class A boathouse towed the raftback . They were so happy and celebrating their finding. They even towed the raft few feet in front of our boathouse to show off.
And I think, it was the reason why they sank. They stole the raft and now they lost theirs. It was an instant KARMA.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tasik Kenyir- The Trip

21st -23rd NOVEMBER 2009

It all started with this fella... Mr Amy Darling. He is our new IT Technician, and from Trengganu.
He was the one who brought up the idea that everybody in the office should get together and doing something manly. He suggested we should join the Army Forces or go to Thailand hunting girls and trannies. He even suggested we drive our own car to the max and see who gonna crash first.

Poor him, nobody take his suggestion seriously. It is not because he is dumb or anything, He is perfectly magnificent at his work and a genius in troubleshooting PC related problems. But hell, nobody gonna did anything stupid just to prove who is more manly than others. Not until he came up with the idea we should go to Lake Kenyir and catch the biggest fish. Now, everybody open their eyes and agree.

So off we went to Lake Kenyir.

It was a disaster from a start. Rain cats and dogs all the way from Kuantan. Up until Kuala Berang, we had to drive thru at least 3 flooded road. The deepest was about a feet and half . And my Perodua viva was giving me no trouble crossing.

When we arrived at the jetty, Ostad and his fellow mates were not there and stucked somewhere because of the flood. We waited almost 5 hours for them to come. They had to use super alternative route including dirt road.

We were planning to camp in The National Park at first. But because of the late depature, we settled somewhere 2 hours boat ride from the jetty.

Enjoy The pics.............

we stopped to watch the 4x4 challenge

I'm recently thinking about buying a suzuki Jimny for offroad thrill ride.... but my wife wont let me.

The BoatHouse

A Kenyir's signature scene. Dead logs in the water.

A bunch of _________.
A) gays B) Sex Offenders C) Vietnamese Immigrants

Rigged and ready.

They were going home, with beautiful memories.

It's raining and dark clouds everywhere

We parked next to a Class A Boathouse .

We got astro and adequate cabin. But it smell pretty bad due to the wet weather. The roof was leaking. But hell, we were here not to be pampered

My winning cards. The game of RACE.
Unsatisfied because the boatman shut the generator off. No Astro for them.

The generator and the astro dish.... he he he

Sebarau were plenty, but no toman.

The spot where Sebarau terorizing their prey

Baitcaster? I sux big time. BirdNests after BirdNests. I ended up cutting about 7 meters of the line to untangle it. I need more practice.

It was closed a few weeks ago. But opened again for visitors and anglers. Big Joe and Fairus rowed their boat close to the thrashing stream. They caught nothing.

It was wet, slippery, cold and foggy. Sometimes, there were actually no body on the deck fishing.

BabyFace's tummy is growing!!!! Bath with super cold water will make his tummy flatened. That's what he believes.

The kitchen and dining area.

Special Pose from Dzul.... He actually ate the fish alive...

Big Joe with baby baung

Ostad with meal-size baung. The baungs were plenty on the 1st nite.
Big Joe and Fairus . The motor doesnt work. So they had to row.

Trully a manly activity. Dont ask me how deep it is. Try it yourself.

Daredevil Dzul

Not so brave Ostad. But braver than Amy Darling who spent most of his time inside his sleeping bag.

Ostad's cousins. Braver than the beaver. They go to Kenyir 5-8 times per year. But at this spot, Sg Leban (if i not mistaken) was their 1st. It is suck. The National Park is way better. For 3 days, i went out in speedboat searching for tomans , but none was spotted. Not a single soul. No pics of me went out on speedboat as i left my cam on the boathouse for various reasons.

Amy Darling with belida

Fairus with lampam.

BabyFace with mighty sebarau.

The catch

Goodbye Sg Leban

We were so glad that we headed home early in the morning as everybody was homesick, hungry and horny. The spot we camped, have no cellphone coverage. As soon as we reached an area with a coverage, everything flooded in. Thousands of smses, miss calls etc.

The biggest man made lake.

There were dozens of boathouse parked at the jetty.

The Gorvernment should do something here. It is a stupid slippery jetty. Terengganu is rich with their petroleum's royalty. Spend a little here, please.


30km from Kuala terengganu. Flood.

Big Joe preparing the mighty sebarau.


Mr Sudin The boatman

RM150.00 for 3 days 2 nights.
Meal (self serve) ,all sort of baits, 2 speedboats with petrol, a T-shirt and life time experience . Is it worthy? Hell yeahhh...