Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sg. Belat /Kg. Belukar Section

22May 2010
Tide: 2.7 meter at 1609 hours

The weather for the whole week was not really good. There were showers almost everyday.
But plan was made, no matter what, we gave it a go.
This time, Sarul and Ostad agreed to tag along.

Row Power..

Gerut were super plenty

Ostad And Sarul


As expected, there were few small size prawns caught. The water condition was not really good. BabyFace took all the fish home.

Trip 2
30 May
Tide :3.2 meter at 1135 hours

The weather was fine and we enjoyed ourselves landing prawns after prawns...

and ohhh, we rented an outboard motor too so we don't have to paddle like vietnamese immigrants. This was my first experience operating an outboard motor. Scared for a few minutes, but then i really enjoyed it and now I'm addicting to it. It cost RM30 more with extra tank of petrol (4L).

The water quality was fine. Bface even landed a freaking CRAB.


CatFish. Caught using my Surecatch Super Ultra Light Rod meant for prawns.

Tiger Prawn does exist in Sg. Belat

Parked. Need to take a leak. We did it in a proper and civilized way.

The catch. More than a kilo measured using my wife's bathroom scale.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tanjung Lumpur's Bridge/ Sg Belat Trawler Factory

Madi told me a long time ago, he caught his 1st silver barra (in Kuantan) just under Tangjung lumpur's Bridge using ' udang pasar'.

It is the mighty Sungai Kuantan Estuary.. a kilometre away from the open sea and I had bad experiences with kuantan river. I don't have good catch here!!! I fish here since I was a kid, The duris dan sesirats are plenty and having them on your hook can really spoil your day.

But, what the hell. I gave it a go along with babyface and big joe.

In the end.... still, we landed a bucket full of sesirats

* Sesirat- a type of eel
* Duri - a type of cat fish

On the way home, we stop at Kg. Kurnia to search for 'rent a boat' service. There are at least 3 operators we came across.

We decided to return here again next week for giant prawns.
In the meantime, lets pray the weather next week will be ok and the prawns are in their feeding mood.

Sg Belat Trawler Factory
The making of a Trawler. We were amazed, stunned and happy to see such thing exist in Kuantan. It is a work of art and perfection.

The green and brown trawlers are brand sparkling new... while the blue one on the left are docked for refurbish process/ repairing.
Those wooden boxes are filled with concrete. Maybe, for anchoring.

We cannot stay long as there were dogs and it started to rain as well. Our trip here will never be forgotten.