Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snakehead v/s Me

A year went by since my 1st snakehead.

I'm hooked and frustrated.

Almost every weekend, I went around looking for snakeheads. I ransacked every ditch, stream, pond or anything that i thought a snakehead may live. I spent hours with google earth, looking for new spot to be tried.

I bought and tried almost every artificial lure available.

Hard body lure, Soft plastic, spinnerbait, "Younameit" baits.... but still nothing.

This is another reason why i don't really want to post anything here. A year without nothing to boast.

But i tell you what, people... I'm not quitting . If not for the snakehead, I'll do it for the sake of my beer-belly tummy..... ha ha ha...
i gave up smoking and gained weigh ever since... Lure Casting is another way for me to flatened my tummy back ....
enjoy the pics of Big Joe and me searching for snakeheads along Kuantan-Pekan road.... the catch? he he... zero.

1st spot

We risk our life just for the sake of snakehead

Look promising, but nothing. There is 1 big snake lives here. We ran like hell. Sorry, no photo of the snake (phyton) . If you want to see it, go find it yourself... i don't mess with snake even though I'm looking for snakehead.

"taut" ... a technique used by locals to trap snakeheads...

Path made by the frigging phyton

Me on spinnerbait and big joe on soft plastic...