Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seberang Balok - The return

It was Sunday, clear sky and we were bored to death. We ended up at Seberang Balok leaving our wives and kids with not so sweet smile at home.
Bottom? Yeah, we were too lazy to do anything else as it was so hot to be in the open.
News papers, cold cendol drinks, music from the RM2k sound system (Blasting Janis Joplin, MotorHead then Marylin Manson) and away from wives. We called it Heaven.

The water was black and murky and at its lowest level. The tide was slow, and so did the fish appetite.

Tired of waiting,I grabbed my casting set and start to blind cast .Almost 2 months of practice, I seemed can control the backlash and know how to set the magnetic brake as well as using my thumb as a brake. But it was very hard to cast precisely at the tight places. It ended up in the tree.

It was my favorite lure by strike pro. So, using an an old technique I learnt few years back, I tried to salvage the lure but failed.
Big Joe came to help. Hurt himself in the process. The sharp hook penetrated deep into his finger. It was not a barbless hook. So you can imagine yourself the screaming and cursing involved.

Top Water red/white Strike Pro Lure. I bought it 2 years ago and it is my favorite.

The only Fish we caught that day.

All the baits we brought, was given to this 'samseng' fella.