Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Raining.. But I wanted to fish

Date: 21st June 07

Location: sg pandan

Line ups : My big bro Joji, and Me

It was happened to be Joji's day off. So we went to fish at sg pandan again. It was raining and we had to stay inside the car. No sebarau today, but plenty of lampam and baung. We took home the lampam and Keli. I gave the tilan (eel) to mr sahak.

A view from inside of my car...


joji and Mr Sahak... Mr Sahak is an expert on fishing giant prawn. To us, He is the GURU

Just a two of us.....

Our Separate Ways

Few things happened over last weekend, so The Sunday Fishing Team’s trip was cancelled. But that didn’t mean we stayed at home watching television. We still went out to fish but not as a team.

SATURDAY 23rd June

Sepul and I went to Sg Pandan to hunt for sebarau. But no luck. The water was murky. 4 hours without a catch was enough. At 4pm that day, Babyface called. He was a few kilometers ahead of us at Kuantan Silver Barra Fish pond. The owner of that pond decided to fill it up with Silver Barra. The previous owner died in a road accident a couple of months before. Back then, the pond was full of Patin.

The real Sg Pandan

Sebarau, tengas and Kelah used to live here

arrogant babyFace

2.1 kg of silverBarra ... Junior never sees anyfish that big...

Sepul and I packed our gears and headed to the Pond. Our objective was to share the glory moment if he manages to land any silver barra. We were tired and wanted to call the day off. Up until 6pm, babyface caught nothing. So, Sepul and I went back.

At 8pm that nite, BabyFace texted me. He had landed the freaking fish. I walked to the pond ( the pond is less than 100m from my house), and snapped few low quality pictures.. and that arrogant Babyface was smilling like a millionaire.


My big bro, Joji, Madie from MFN and I made our way to Cherok Paloh beach near Pekan district. We wanted to take home a bucket of Mangrove Jack. We made a quick pitstop at Tanah Putih settlement to buy live prawns for baits. 10 bucks of prawns, an hour later, we reached Cherok Paloh. It was 10a.m. and we stop at 4pm…
The catch? Ha ha… 4 small size stingrays (ketuka/ tetuka) , Bolos and tetanda… no sign of MJ anywhere.

Cherok Paloh

Me and Bolos....


slim Shaddy....

Prof Madie from MFN...

StingRays are plenty here

Sepul’s trip

Along with his father, he went to fish at Kuantan river. Looking for giant prawns. It was a trip in his father 12 footer with Mercury 5hp. A kilo of giant prawns and baungs could be considered lucky because of the bad weather and water condition. Most of my friends who went out fishing that day, reported the same.

sepul and The Giant Prawns

End Of Story.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its not Sunday, but I want to fish

Date:20th June 2007
Place: Kg Pandan 2 Kuantan
Angler: amriez a k a sundayFisherman

I needed to go to fish as my fingers getting itchy. The nearest river is next to my father’s house in pandan2. I brought 3 rods and a handful of earth worms.
It is actually not really a river, but a man made river for agriculture purposes. The river flows to Sg Pandan, and that Sg Pandan flows to Sg Kuantan. Well what the heck. Fish or not to fish.
I fished there a couple of time before. Managed to land baung and lampam…and also Labi labi or fresh water turtle. Certainly, there is no Tapah in here. So, my trip today was nothing but to fish any fish happen to live in that “longkang”.

The Longkang...

You dont have to fight over a fishing spot. Just you and the river.

This "longkang" flows into the fish farm.

It was 4.30 pm. Baung after baung… and lampam… then lampam again… and selat. Without knowing. I’m out of bait. So I used my long pole net to get some live bait. Prawns are plenty and easy to get. Well same things happen… baung lampam baung lampam. As it getting dark, I noticed, there were so many seluangs jumped frantically as they were chased by a monster. I used my net again to catch some of it for baits.



A couple of minutes went by and suddenly my cheapo first stick shook like hell. I made my move, and… Oh My God… something ferocious has taken the bait… and for sure it was not a lampam… the fish jumped , trying to free itself from the hook… I recognize the fish… even though I never caught one, but I know… this is the famous sebarau. I have to land this fish. It took me about 3- 4 minutes to land the taiko… I stopped some kids, and asked one of them to take my picture with the famous taiko… he he, my first sebarau in my whole life. Even though it was a baby sebarau, but sebarau is sebarau…and I fished it out from a “longkang” ha ha ha…

The "taiko", Enche Sebarau bin Pak Sebarau and me...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Project Chairman : Oakinn, BOD PAW
Timbalan Chairman: Mat Jon
Secretary : Jagung
Treasurer : Yard
Auditor : akan dilantik
AJK : Hj.McD, Mie Talang & CSI

BOD tgh uruskan pendaftaran lebih kurang 16 org dari Kuantan ni utk masuk PeMM. Selepas itu, PAW akan bernaung bawah PeMM Pahang Chapter. Barulah boleh kami terima sumbangan dari sahabat2 yang telahpun menawarkan ongkos untuk projek2 ini.

Deraf Program

Collaboration between Pebadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang (PKNP), PeMM, KAGUM & PAW (Pahang Anglers World, Brothers of MFN)

We are co-ordinating two projects:

1. Kampung Pagi, up-river from Kuala Tahan, within the management of Tahan constituent

2. Hulu Sungai Kuantan, tributaries of Sg.Jin/Sg.Lembing, near Kuantan

Kampung Pagi

Date started April 26, 2007
Location: Kg.Pagi, kawasan Tahan, 1 ½ hour up river from Taman Negara Kuala Tahan
Tagal River – 2 small stream within Kg.Pagi of approximately 1km long, connected to the main river system.
Kampung Community - 300 people
Economy – jungle harvesting, agriculture, river aquaculture & tourism
Village head & Chairman of Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Kampung (JKK), En. Mi Hamidi bin Nipah (known as Tok Empat Kg.Pagi)
YB Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Tahan, Ustaz Ahmad bin Jaafar

The Program – Tagal, the same with Sabah’s Tagal programs.
Tagal’s Enforcer – Kampung Folks, under the jurisdiction of JKKK, Chairman of JKK lead the Tagal
Kampung folks has agreed to close the river for at least 2 years – no harvesting
Released 3000 frys, courtesy of Jabatan Perikanan – lampam, baung, sebarau & kerai

Next Step
Erecting two signboards with conservation/TAGAL message
Provision of fish food (pellet) for fish feeding program – regular feeding to congregate the fish & conditioning the fish with human
Re-stocking of the river with freshwater fish fries (tengas, kelah, lampam, kerai, baung, sebarau, etc) – min 4 times per year
Visiting the village, 3 times per year to strengthen the program & at the same time giving the kampung folks socio-education & economic exposure
Lobbying Fishery Department & Jabatan Parit & Saliran to declare or endorse the Tagal zone.

Signboard x 2 nos
Fish Pellet
Fries – to purchase from Perikanan Perlok, Jerantut
Travelling Logistics

Hulu Sungai Kuantan

Not started – target July 2007
Location: 6 kilometers from Sg.Lembing town.
Tagal River – Hulu Sungai Kuantan, Tributaries of Sg. Jin which leads to the main Sg.Lembing stream
Tagal Zone – 8km strecth of river from PKNP’s Chalet area to Lubuk Beruk
Kampung Community - No Kampung there, but the zone is bordering an Orang Asli village at Sg.Mas, of approximately 30 families
Economy – jungle harvesting, agriculture, river aquaculture & tourism
Tagal Enforcer – Chalet operator, under the jurisdiction of PKNP, lead by PKNP’s CEO, Dato’ Hj.Lias Mohd Nor
The Program – TAGAL, the same with Sabah’s TAGAL programs.
PKNP agreed to close the river for at least 2 years – no harvesting

Next Step
To release 6000 frys, lampam, baung, sebarau & kerai (if possible, Kelah & Tengas). To purchase from Perikanan Hatchery in Perluk Jerantut
Erecting three signboards with conservation/TAGAL message
Provision of fish food (pellet) for fish feeding program – regular feeding to congregate the fish & conditioning the
Re-stocking of the river with freshwater fish fries (tengas, kelah, lampam, kerai, baung, sebarau, etc) – min 4 times per year
Visiting the Tagal zone & Asli village, minimum 4 times per year to strengthen the program & at the same time giving the kampung folks socio-education & economic exposure
Lobbying Fishery Department & Jabatan Parit & Saliran to declare or endorse the Tagal zone.

Signboard x 3 nos
Fish Pellet
Fish Fries
Travelling Logistics

more details and pictures:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Where to shop in Kuantan

If you are happen to be in kuantan to fish, you might want to buy some supplies for your tackle box. Below are the list of the tackle shops. Some of it, I forgot the name because I don’t really care about it.

1. Tmn Tas, batu 5 Jalan Gambang
behind Tunas Manja. It is a combo of petshop, aquarium and tackle shop. You can get hooks, sinkers, line as well as rods and reels (branded and unbranded). Live bait like worms, small prawns and keli are sold, but on weekend , the chances are slim. It is a very busy shop , sometimes you had to wait for assistance. You could ask for discount on selected rods and reels.

2. Tmn Guru, batu 6 Jalan Gambang
It is a combo shop too. To me, this is the last place I go to buy sinkers and hooks. It is a bit expensive. But open on Sunday. Limited live baits. Rarely this place have any stock of worms.

3. Medan Warisan, tanah putih feri (opposite giant hypermarket)
I go to this place to look only for live small prawn as they were cheap. No worms, and small size kelis are sold at rm0.60 per fish. Sinkers and hooks are sold at a cut throat price. For eg, size 6 sinker is sold at rm0.50 pc. Where in tmn guru for rm0.45 and in taman tas for rm0.40. No rods or reels on sale.

4. Kg Padang – jln sungai lembing
This shop is belong to disable. This is my favourite spot to shop for sinkers and hooks and baits. This place got plenty of baits to choose from. Worms, perumpun, keli etc. A packet of worms cost you rm2.50. Sinkers and hooks are cheap. Size 6 sinkers are sold at rm0.30pc. This is a combo shop as well. Rods and reels are sold at an average price. Mostly Lemax . If you are looking a combo set for udang, they sell it at less than rm20.

5. TCE tackles sdn bhd. Jalan beserah.
Totally tackle shop… everything an angler need is there. But don’t expect to get any Abu Garcia from this outlet. For further information log on to

6. Anglers World Jln telok sisek , (near BCB and Bank islam)

This is a heaven for anglers. I bought my Berkley and Abu here. So many branded items can be chose at a reasonable price. Please look out for Products on clearance to get a knock out price. A variety of artificial lures can be chose as well as sinkers and hooks.
Feel free to ask for help if u need any. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there will be some second hand item on sale, and most of them are in good condition as they also do rods and reels servicing/ repair. U can order a spare part for your damage reel. Lots of accessories are on sale such as rare angler’s shirt, wading boots, sunglasses etc.

7. ROCKSON- jln besar. Opposite of General post Office/ maybank/ Hongkong bank

Another heaven for anglers. You can shop for engines, Fish finder, satellite phone, branded rods and reels etc. I’m not sure about live baits, but artificial lures are plenty.

Well, Reviews above is just based on my experiences . if you ever planning to fish in kuantan, you might want to check the place out. There are few more tackle shop here. But I dare not to write any comment on it as I never go there

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Date: 17th June 2007
Time : 9.00a.m – 3.00pm
Location : Sungai Riau Kuantan
Sunday’s Fisherman: Epul

1. Giant prawn
2. Tapah
3. Belida

We gathered next to riau’s bridge. The 15 minutes hike seemed forever because of the wet and slippery path. The water level was high and the chances to land giant prawn plummeted to zero. But we fished anyway.

slippery when wet

a perfect place to hunt for tapah

Tangled line can be sorted out by ostat

the place is ours, 1st come 1st serve

Main objectives were changed to land any Tapah. We concentrated more on bottom as well as floating. As for bottom, typical earth worms were used. And for Tapah fishing, we used live bait (Keli).

6 hours of fishing was fun but we were frustrated because could not land any giant prawn or tapah. Baung and lampam are common here. They are too common that we almost gone crazy. Every minute, somebody will shout “ it’s a freaking baung again!!!” .
Most baung here are babies. But if you are lucky that day, you could land the “father” baung. We released the babies back to wild… but Sarul kept the lampam for his aquarium.

Around noon, the water level started to subside. And so were the fish. We spent time cooking our lunch… Curry Flava Maggi. Suddenly, my Berkley cherrywood bend ferociously, the reel scream because I set the drag at a very minimum level. I jumped and reeled in the line. A few short moments, I managed to land the fish with my Abulon 6 pound monofilament leader. It was a TILAN… a snake like fish with beautiful “batik” on his body.

It was 2pm. We did nothing more than chatting around. Suddenly, Babyface’s rod twitched. And it was Selat. A small scale of Belida. No belida today but we managed to land several Selats . Selat is not really a big fighter comparing to sebarau. But, the fish can do acrobatic action whenever they panic.

sarul with selat

tilan and me

what a beautiful fish..

fishing time

babyface with selat

The biggest selat of the day... sincerely by me

babyFace with baby baung

got no udang lah today.... but very happy

the bloodsucker try to get away

the victim...

Before going out fishing.....

Have you ever experienced your line broke because of snag and debris underwater? How long do you take to set new line? Well, if you are well prepared, it just takes a minute or two for to set the line and start fishing again. Learnt from previous experiences, I managed to come out with very simple technique. It is shown in the picture below. I use small plastic bags to keep the ready-made leaders. It is better than using a piece of polystyrene to hold few ready-made leaders because it might get tangle easily and consume space of your tackle box.

I use "malaysian ice cream" plastic.

SOAP in your tackle box. Whenever I got home from fishing trip, my 6 year old boy always try to elude my hug… he said I am stink… so soap is a best solution. Always wash your hand using soap. Not just for the fragrant, but for the sake of hygiene too.

if possible, use an ati bacterial soap... cost you two ringgit onli..

Earlier preparation will give you more time fishing than wasting precious time tying knots for your rig.

Babyface is caught red handed at the office… preparing his rod for tomorrow fishing trip

sunday fishing team....


28th May
It was mid year school holiday. It was time to visit my in laws in kota bahru. I used kuantan – ajil – kuala terengganu - penarik – tok bali – kota bahru route. Made a quick stop at tok bali to cast at the famous breakwater. Well, no luck. Spent nearly 1 hour there. After 5 hours of driving, casting seemed something crazy to be done.

29th May.
With my sister in law’s husband, Farmi, we went to pengkalan datu to fish. Our target was kakap merah or maybe some unlucky siakap. Well to no luck again, the place was packed with evening anglers. Because of that, we are forced to do BOTTOM. We used belanak meat as a bait. Managed to get few Duris . I tried local menu of bait, selar filet. To my surprise, 3 kakap merah were caught.
We decided to proceed to Pantai Senak break water in bachok district. What a beautiful place. It was the same river where we fished at pengkalan datu. This is the river outlet into south Cina sea. We landed almost 2 kilos of bolos and tetanda. It was night with full moon. We didn’t bring any lantern or batteries operated light. So we packed and went home.

30th may
I went to pantai senak again . This time, I brought my family along. I tried to cast. But after 20 minutes, I decided to BOTTOM. Last night bolos curry was delicious. I want more bolos!!! Well it was certainly a bolos season. Within 2 hours of fishing, nearly 2 kilos of bolos were caught. I manage to land Ikan Nabi too. What a weird looking fish. I set the fish free as I have no appetite to eat that creature. And of course, lots of Duris….

31st May

Farmi was pissed off when he knew I went to senak without him. So have to make out with him today. Amir, farmi’s co-worker was also on the list. He owns a rechargeable lantern. We fished from 4pm until midnite with Bolos as a number 1 catch. There were few local people casting at a far distance. No luck.

1st June.
My wife organized a family reunion in semerak near the Death Lagoon (Lagun maut). We rent a couple of chalet (MZA CHALET). I was 1st to arrive. So I went to check out the Death Lagoon with my light Berkley set with Abu Garcia 300. At the end of the line, red and silver popper. No luck. Changed to soft lure. No luck too. Changed to spinner, No luck. Met two local guys spear fishing. They caught Kertangs. They said, people rarely fish here as there is no good fish around…. Well, I caught nothing here, and there was no sign of other anglers here, may be they were telling the truth. Around 6pm that day, Farmi and I, and 2 cousins of mine, went to tok bali. Bottom again!!! This time we fish at the fish market. SENANGIN and KERAPU were on the menu!!!! Most senangin we managed to land was landed with fish filet as bait. And Kerapu on live small prawns. So whenever you are planning to fish in Tok Bali, try to fish behind the fish market instead of the breakwater.

DEATH LAGOON IN SEMERAK,28 people died here last year.

The boys in my wife's family

real boat with real fishermen

At 10pm that night, Farmi and me went to Tok Bali water lock about 10 km from the fish market. The water level was subsided. The good thing about this place is, u can choose to fish for kerapu on one side, and giant prawn on the other side. Because of poor lighting, I snap no picture of that place. No kerapu for us, but few giant prawns were landed. Locals use live prawn the size of our toes as a bait for kerapu. Wow.. that size of prawn usually end up in my plate, but these people use them as a bait. Most prawn that they use as a bait were caught on site .

2nd June
There was a hot news about local people spotted some crocodile in sungai Kelantan. The reptile was spotted at Kota and Pasir Pekan. It is the place where I used to fish with Farmi on his 12 footer boat. Because of that, I dare not to take any chances to fish there. So we went to fish at Kg China for a giant prawn. We chose to BOTTOM at the river bank behind the Buddha temple. We were using Perumpun as a bait. 2 hours of fishing giving us approx. a kilo of good looking giant prawn. And again, duri… what with this fish? They are everywhere… hmmmm

Later that afternoon, we with our family went to Padang Kala near Melor/Mulong area to fish at Pak Tih pay pond. This place charge you only with the fish you caught. Pay pond is not really on my favourite list but my wife and the boys can enjoy themself landed patin, lampam or bawal merah. We took home some of the patins caught. No bawal merah today as we dont have any steel leader… that beast got very sharp teeth. twice, my nephew lost my daiwa rod/ shimano spinner. My advice, if you know that place is potential to land big fish, keep your eyes on that rod.. luckily the water just a waist deep. Twice, farmi had to salvage the freaking rod..

Pok Tih's pay pond

my nephew, Afiq, with his biggest catch ever

Patin and me.. he he

with that, my Rally was over. My conclusion, kelantan is a perfect place for you to fish. Next time i might try the Paddy Field for snakehead species and maybe for some Puyus.. with 2 hours drive from kota bahru, you can fish in tasik banding. I’m planning to fish there on November.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

what type of anglers are you?

answer these questions below with yes or no...

1. You have more than 2 fishing rods

2. When travelling, you always look for a fishing spot, and sometimes you check it out.

3. When ever you hang out with your buddies, the main topic is "fishing"

4. You always spend time at tackle shop.

5. You can handle worms.

6. You have more than 10 lures in your tackle box.

7. Your dream vehicle is a 4wd with roof rack and a boat trailers.

8. You always give excuses to escape family event just to go fishing with your buddies.

9. You named your pet as "abu garcia" , "penn" , "berkley" , " daiwa" , or " mitchell"

10. You know the name, type and model of fishing reel at a glimpse...

11. You choosed Tioman island instead of Cameron highland as your honeymoon getaway

12. You skip work, just to go fishing.

13. You spend more money on fishing equipments than clothes.

14. You got a very big picture of with your biggest catch somewhere hang in the living room.

15. You can fish for 2 days without sleeping.

16. You own a 12 footer boat.

17. You have spare rods and baits in your car's trunk.

18. You would change " Finding Nemo" to " Fishing Nemo"

19. Your mobile phone's screen saver is a picture of a sailfish

20. You subscribe to a fishing magazine monthly.

if you answer YES 5 or less - you are a man who likes to fish occasionally, and you think your family is far more important than anything else.

if your answer YES 6-10 - you are a typpical anglers who spends time fishing every weekend. You can fish any where without concerning how big the catch are.

if you answer YES 10-15- you are really a fishing kaki... you really have the time and money to do so.

if you answer YES 15-20- man... u need to consult a shrink.. you might loose your job and your family too