Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Mighty Chereh Dam- Kuantan's Pride

De Gual Fishing Pond- Red Belly Pacu !!!

Location: Gual, Rantau Panjang, Kelantan

I'm not gay!!!

I'm not a pay pond addict either.

I bought a house a couple of years ago. And it is in a walking distance to a silverbarra fishing pond.
I swear in the name of Rapala factory owner, I never actually go there and fish. I have to admit, once a while, because of the ultimate boredom, i went there to watch. since January these year, i think, i went there twice.

It is because i'm not that kind of person.

I'm not a gambler and i hate gamblers as much as i hate mosquitoes.

Most pay pond have a scheme or game , lucky draw or some sort, where you have to pay extra ringgit just to make you eligible to win big money if you landed the biggest catch of the day/week.


I am a muslim. A good one. I pray 5 times a day and don't gamble. Thus, i don't want to be anything near gambling. It is not prize money. because you have to pay to win. most of the time, you paid for nothing!!! that is pure gambling. the scheme, IT IS CALLED JACKPOT.

But, i am a supporter of a good pay pond that is built simply because the owner wanted to share the joy of fishing and make as much profit as possible without the element of syubahah (bad).

If you are a follower of my blog, you must know about Pok Tih's pond. It is a good one. Simply built for fishing.

There is another good one i stumbled upon when i was in Kelantan few months back.

It is situated in Kg Gual , few kilometers from Rantau Panjang kelantan.

From Kota Bahru, just a few kilometers from the imigration complex, there is a fire station on your right. opposite of the fire station, is a small dusty junction to kampung Gual. The fishing pond is about 3-4 kilometers down the road.

RM5 per hour with minimum 3 hours. That is the price you have to pay to fish the red belly pacu.

Patin, tilapia, lampam and keli are plenty. But most of them come here for the red belly pacu.

You are free to use any method/ technique as long as you don't trouble others. I saw few locals came with traditional rod made from bamboo. There are no restriction on selection of baits.
you can use animals organ, soft plastic, 'dedak', worm, lure, spoon, dry flies etc....

It is operated by a local as a part time. The owner, is also working , as a teacher.
He said, the pond got restock every thursday afternoon. So it is best to come in Thursday or Friday.

Whenever you are in Rantau Panjang, you can try this pond out.

The Sign Board, and the contact number

A peacefull place to be enjoyed with friends and family members

The fish are plenty, but the pond is a bit small.

My nephew

The catch

almost 4 Kg

beautiful and tasty Red Belly Pacu

My 1st Silver barra.

Location: Pantai Sabak KB

The 1st time of everything you do, is something memorable. It can be fun, scary, puzzling or simply a mix of everything.

I remembered my 1st time I hit a human being with my car going 60km/h at that time.
It was a small girl age between 5 and 6... she was crossing the road when i hit her head on. I recalled every second of it in my brain, fresh.

I was driving towards PCB when suddenly i saw a small girl trying to cross the road from my right. I honked twice, she hesitated for once but she changed her mind to stop and tried to outrun my car.

I hit the fucking brake as hard as i could, drop to second gear and yanked the parking brake. But the momentum kept the car going. The girl stunned, frozen with panic and fear, turned his body towards me just to be hit. HARD!

Her face slammed to the car's hood. I saw her lips and teeth exploded, spattering blood everywhere. as her face bounced back, so did her body. She was thrown 15 feet away and landed on the asphalt on her back.

the car jerked and died as i did not engage the clutch.

there is no word in this world can describe my feeling back then. I was terrified and scarred and angry as well.

but, a few second after that, a sense of relieved hit me as i saw the little girl sat up and cried. the girl lives, no major injury, only smashed face with no frontal teeth.
the how I settled the mess is now a history.

the point is, it was such a horrific incident that sometimes give me a nightmare.
it was so graphic, that every frame and second of that incident, can be recalled by me easily without losing any single fact.

But not my memory on my 1st Silver barra. I barely remembered what happen, and the feeling? its puzzling and dull.

may be because it was a small silver barra, and when it took the bait, it swam towards the bank where i was standing, no fight what so ever.

But i thanked god as fishing (waiting) for barra proven to be a very tiring and dull experienced.

It was hot June afternoon

Low tide and windy

Trying to escape

My 1st silverbarra.

A 200g specimen