Monday, March 3, 2008

Soft Plastic - I've made it!!!

Date:17th Feb and 2nd Mar
Location: Pekan , Pahang- the Royal Town
Objectives: snakehead- Haruan
Line up: Madie

I made a promise last year. To be involved with the soft plastic thing. and if i dont catch anything by April 2008. I'll quit using those rubbery things. So whenever i went fishing (bottom) i brought my casting set with me. From the day i went to the seminar, i never stop casting using SP. But, i caught nothing and the morale sunk.

It all happened when a caretaker at my office showed me a picture of her ( yeah ... u got it rite.. its a she.. lady angler) with a bucket full of snakehead. I dug out the information from her ( not until i 'belanja' the fellow at the canteen) and texted my associates.

the date was set, and i brought 3 'bakau' spinners ( green-yellow, green-red, white-red), a packet of 'bakau' green grubs and white grubs. Not forgotten, a packet of red-white berkley grub.

While, everybody else busy with their baits, I casted from the second i step off from my ride. I changed the lures every 10 minutes . Not a single bite. Getting frustrated, with the boys teasing me to get my hands dirty on baits, i went further up stream and casted. The boys were having their sweet time landed fish after fish.

As boredom set in, i just simply cast without giving much attention to it. Then... a sudden jolt at the end of the line! As i pulled, the line moved to my right. and wham, the freaking snakehead jumped. the fish went free along with the spinner.

I again, changed the lure to a green grub. After 2 casts, without knowing what happen, i've landed my first snakehead on SP. i screamed with joy...

the spot... look promising. And it is a snake head's kampong.

Our newbie... BOY

Sarul ... catching a grasshopper for baits.

My 1st snake head.
My 1st snake head on SP.


With the previous victory as a moral boost, i went to the place again with jojie.
I made my first cast, targeted at the snags 10 feet in on the opposite side. Nothing happened.
Made my second cast, retrieved the line slowly with few pause , and it got stuck. I raised the rod higher just to get it free from the snags. The line moved to the right, very fast. Panicking, the creature jumped. My heart just pounded, reeled in fast, and i've landed my second snakehead using cheap bakau SP. The fish weighs just under 800gm. I set the beautiful creature free.

Actually, i didn't remember much on how i reacted. It happen so fast, my instinct did the rest.
Casting is so much fun. But i hope, i will experience more of this phenomenon at the snag free spot so that i can enjoy every second of it.

What next?

Madie and me , for the past 4 weeks, were actually doing some casting at some secret spot with lots of gigantic tomans (Channa micropeltes). We were using abu tormentor lures. Up until today, its just fishless. There are lots of things to be learned. Madie is better than me as he went to several casting trips before. So i'm still learning, and madie gives his good hand on it.

Rod: Sabpolo Lightning
Reel: Abu Garcia
Leaders: 12lb berkley
Shockleader: 30lb eupro
Lure: Bakau Soft Plastic
Channa striatus - snakehead - haruan(malay)
Weighs: 800gm

I set this fella free.. CNR!


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